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And then it wasn't...

Hanna Thomas

27 Sep, 2016 01:44 AM
It was love.
A beautiful, full kind of love.
The kind of love that you read about in books.
A love that fills you to the brim so that you can no longer feel empty.
A love that makes you forget everything bad.
A love that takes your breath away.
The type of love that we had.

Then it wasn't.
Then it was tears and blood and sorrow.
The kind of tears that makes you feel completely empty.
A deep red blood that can't be covered by a bandage.
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Tags: Sad, Love, Romance, Broken, Blood, Break, Beautiful, Broken Heart, Breakup
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Regret Happens Last

Grace Basilisa

26 Sep, 2010 09:16 AM
Regret Happens Last
The rain is pouring endlessly
My mind is messy
When I saw you walking with him
My heart became dim
I thought: Why should I be sad?
They didn't do anything bad
I left on my own deal
Breaking our seal
Now I know it isn't true,
The words I shouted: I don't need you
Why does regret happen last?
Because now, everything is in the past
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Tags: Angst, Romance, Unloved
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