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Can You See It?

kalie belle

01 Jan, 2014 08:51 AM
Can you hear it?
Can you hear it?
As your ear touches my heart,Can you hear it?
The mourning sound of two heart beats. 

Do you smell it?
Do you smell it?
As you take a whiff of the aura around me,Do you smell it?
The rotten flesh of the inhuman. 

Are you seeing it?
Are you seeing it?
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Tags: Death, Soul, Sorrow, Hear, Feel
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As I Remember.....


04 Oct, 2012 01:35 PM
Tears stream down my face
while I cut in deep.
I temember all of your promises,
all of those sweet things you said.
I will never forget the way your deep blue eyes
stared at me.
Or the way you told me you loved me
while holding me close.
I will remember how I felt in your arms.
So safe from the world.
Like nothing could ever hurt me.
But in the end, the only thing that could hurt me
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Tags: Hurt, Hear, Un, Cutti, Pai
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