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Lily Vasilyeva

01 Jun, 2013 12:50 PM
With every word they say,
Her heart hurts a little more,
She only wants to break away,
Away to stop feeling sore;

She's sitting in her room now,
Her eyes are empty, hollowed out,
The world makes her mock- bow,
She cannot take it, cannot even shout;

She walks along the bustling crowd,
No- one noticing the tears spilling out,
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Tags: Happy, Death, Pain, Hurt, Suicide, Loneliness, Depression, Sadness
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Words Of A Fool, A Fool For Too Long

Conrad Carlo Venzon

14 Dec, 2012 08:31 AM
How long has it been?
My world is trapped within the four walls of a bin
Forsaken for what truly has happen to me
But now I’ll be roaming happy and free

Loneliness follows me
Within the dark periphery
Looking at myself in sympathy
Now I’ll be roaming happy and free

No one knows who I am
For somehow, I am a changed man
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Tags: Words, Fool, Trapped, Happy, Free, Despair, Bear, Lost
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