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I really don't want to lose you.

Christina Stenersen

18 Jul, 2012 03:42 AM
What to do, when I can't work this through.
I don't want this, I want to keep it all.
Did I do, did I really fall for you?
I care so much for you , but is it love?

I get so confused all the time.
You're so often on my mind.
I really don't want to lose you.
This thought burns inside of me.

I keep thinking that it was destiny.
Must be a reason behind it all.
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Tags: Sad Love, Lost, Fear, Sad
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One Last Tear


12 Jul, 2012 11:45 PM
So many things left to say
No more freedom, it's gone away
Run now, or stay and face
The empty eyes filled with coldness.

Swallowed in my screams
I'm left here with no dreams
I look at the dark sky
And I'm trying not to cry.

Is that all?
Will I fall?
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Tags: Tears, Sadness, Alone, Dark, Night, Dying, Fear
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Sara Crumbley

08 Apr, 2012 08:51 PM
I'm all alone in a crowded room;
lost, scared, nervous, and dying.
I stand alone in a fast pace world;
Trapped, lonely, desperate, hurt, and broken.

A world full of pain, 
A world that is cold,
And a world of sin.

I can't break free;
I'm in a prison cell,
Locked up for all eternity,
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Tags: Death, Hell, Fear, Alone, Loneliness, Trapped, Abused, Broken, Scared, Waiting, Pain, Lost, Depressed, Sad
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03 Nov, 2011 09:18 AM
This pain i feel
It truly kills 
Each breath i breathe
Brings me to my knees

My heart cries out
Now i am full of doubt
You lied
All the while i died

My heart beats fast
Now i feel like an outcast
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Tags: Fear, Pain, Death
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Beneath this mask

DC Martin

11 Mar, 2012 08:08 AM
Of all the masks I've worn before, 
The mask of sorrow I've worn much more,

You beg to know of me what's real, 
but what's underneath I dare not reveal,

If not for hiding behind this guise, 
I think you might think otherwise,

Without you near me and without you to guide, a lost soul behind this mask doth hide.

For each time I have shown my face,
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Tags: Fear, Mask
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What I Fear


20 Feb, 2012 09:35 AM
It is not the dark I fear
Though that’s what it may appear.
It is not the shadows I fear
Nor what is within that will always linger.

It is not the dark that scares me
Or the souls begging to be free.
It is not the shadows I fear
It is not my lack of wealth.

It is you, my love.
You and no one else.
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Tags: Fear, Love
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The Wife


04 Sep, 2010 08:57 AM
The corpse will rise as the sun will set
And we will never once forget
The moments of fear, the wounds, and the tears
That came from the absence and missing of years
And we will never once forget
The moment our eyes had ever met.
The howls and cries
During the sunrise
Will burn themselves into my eyes
Memories will take hold of me
And I will fail when they succeed
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Tags: Dead, Undead, Zombies, Wife, Love, Fear, Wounds, Tears
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