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One single night in my room...

Kanashimi Raven

16 Feb, 2015 10:28 PM
One single night in my room 
We spend talking and reading
one single night in my room,
was all it took for the walls to start bleeding 

Let me back up to the day that you came
You entered the house as my sisters lover
A man with money and looks
I could see what she saw in you. 

Your relationship seemed to go smoothly
and yet there were still problems there
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Tags: Cheater, Love, Hate, Siblings, Kicked Out, Streets, Homeless
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I hate that I miss you


08 Jul, 2014 01:16 AM
I cut my hair 
I dyed it purple 
I fight the pain you put me threw 
the kisses the love
was it all a lie?

please just stab me in the heart
it's more human then watching me cry
I refuse to look at you it hurts 
I refuse to say I miss you
look at the mess you left
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Tags: Broken Heart, Cheater, Missing You
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