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Aching and breaking


10 Dec, 2012 02:51 AM
My soul is aching,
My heart is breaking, 
I'm searching for you meaninglessly,
Trying to show you my true feelings.

My fears are forming,
As it begins storming,
I'm afraid,
I'm lonely,
I'm longing for you.

To come and help me through,
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Tags: Acheing, Breaking, Missing, Sad, Unloved, Hurt
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Dying On The Inside


19 Jun, 2011 10:26 PM
My heart is beating
My heart is pleading
To be saved
Its going bad
It's going mad
It need help now
Before it sops making a sound
It's yelling and yelling
It's swelling and swelling
But when it screams 
No one ever hears
They are just standing there
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Tags: Understandable, Breaking, Inside, Dying,
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