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That kid

Jake Theil

17 Mar, 2013 07:51 PM
why does he feel so mad
No one knows his deadbeat dad
He feel so lost and alone
There is just no way home
What they say is not true
He lost all faith in you
Like a boat on water
hit by by his own father 
Just to ignorant to look twice 
You are lost like three blind mice
I guess it's how it ought to be 
You just say "well at least it's not me"
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Tags: Sadness, Dad, Lost, Alone, Ignored
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You can tell

Chey Love

15 Jan, 2012 06:40 AM
You can tell when its time 
Because you get that weird feeling 
You can tell when there's no love 
Cause your touch has no meaning
You can feel when he's gone 
Completely emptying your soul 
You can't feel the words I love you 
Words that should never get old 
You Cry constantly 
To him it doesn't bother
You can break down in tears
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Tags: Unloved, Missing, Heartbroken, Sad, Ignored
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