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Everything happens

Valeria Novikova

20 Apr, 2016 05:04 PM
What a pity
You can't get back what's gone:
The words, that are thrown 
or left unsaid at all.
You can't get back the people
Who made you fall, leaving emptiness 
in your soul.

Life is a stage
And we are actors of the stage
with different set of minds 
and age.
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Tags: Memories, Life, Philosophy, Psychology, Experience
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without a heart

Samantha-Jane O'Brien

23 Jun, 2011 07:43 AM
its your hand
i used to hold,
its my heart,
it used to be whole,
but now all i want,
is that super glue,
to fix something,
that's something you couldn't do.

so give me the brush,
and give me that glue,
my heart is in pieces,
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Tags: Experience, Unloved
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