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My most Terrifying experience

John L.

13 Oct, 2017 02:58 PM

Just to let you know before I get into this every story I put on here, including this one, is 100% true. These are real experiences. Anyways let's get into the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

I am currently a senior in high school. I have been in public schools my entire life. I always heard about school shootings happening but after being in school for so long I thought to myself "that won't ever happen to me" and it didn't for a while.

Last school year at the end of the year (2nd to last week to be exact) we were just getting out of our 5th class of the day. My school is open meaning we walk outside to get to another class. I was walking with friends and talking having a good time. From about 200 feet away from where I was there were loud shots and a few people ran but most of us stood there looking to see if it was real or if the sheriff's department was firing blanks as a drill like they do 2 times a year.

I saw a coach riding his golf cart out that way and seconds later teacher, coaches, staff, everyone comes rushing out of buildings yelling for everyone to get inside. We all took off to the closest class room. They turned off the lights and crammed us into the closet. There were about 20 of us in there. We sat in silence and the only thing the teacher knew and told us was that we had a code orange (shooter/shooters on campus). I was freaking out because I didn't have my phone. My mom's had just ran out of service the day before so borrowed mine until she could pay for hers to get back on.

I asked a friend to borrow her phone and I texted my mom. I thought I was going to die so obviously my text was a bit all over the place.

"We have a code orange, shooter on campus, we are in closets and I am freaking out. I love you please try to come get me." I knew she was at work so I didn't think she would get it for a little while. About 15 minutes later I got a reply.

"Shane (my step-dad) is on his way and I am right behind him." I felt a little relieved but I was still scared because no one was telling us anything. A few minutes later she sent me another text. "We can't get within 3 blocks of the school, the cops have it locked down, and they won't tell us anything." I started to worry again thinking that this had to be bad if they were locking us down like that. I told everyone in the closet what she had said and that started everyone whispering what they thought was happening.

After another hour and half in silence the teacher got a text. "2 of the 3 shooters have been caught. We will ring the bell in about 20 minutes. The students are to run to their bus or vehicle and leave immediately." I texted my mom and told her and we were all so scared.

As we waited for the bell in silence we all talked about it. Finally the bell rang and it looked like a wave of students as they all ran to where they were going. I got on my bus and sat back feeling relief wash over me.

Later we found out that a couple seniors thought it would be funny to come close to the school, fire some shots in the air, and leave. Even though it wasn't bad the 2 hours in a dark closet not knowing what was going on, if someone was shot, what was happening, it was scary. No one was hurt physically. They all eventually got caught and got in trouble.

That was 5 months ago and to this day I still get goosebumps and tear up just thinking about it because even though no one was hurt and it wasn't that bad in the end it was that feeling of the unknown. The fear of what if these are my final moments. What if someone I know is dead. All of that can emotionally scar you as it has me. I am thankful for the staff reacting so fast and getting everyone to safety in minutes. I am thankful that no one was hurt and it wasn't worse than it was. I am thankful that in the end it turned out to be ok.

If you haven't read my other stories please check them out. Everything I write is true and I plan to be coming out with a few more stories soon. In 2 months, in December, I will be speaking at a Christian revival thing that will have about 1,000 people sharing my life story and experiences. Thank you for the support.

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emoteen_13 says:
30 Apr, 2018 09:11 PM

I know exactly how this feels. I went through this and the shooter came into our classroom and we hid in a closet and we all had to stay silent as possible, and we almost got caught. But sorry this had to happen to you, the students, and the staff.

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