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3 Lessons of life


05 Feb, 2016 04:03 AM

I don't know anymore. I thought i had at least some idea of what will happen in life. Now i am starting to come to the realization that i have no clue or idea of what will happen, or what is happening in life, in my life.

The obvious is there. I know exactly what is happening with that. It's nothing new, the old, study, get a degree, get a job, and bla bla, but what i don't know anymore is the purpose of my life, the purpose of me loving anyone. the purpose of me even trying to genuinely love a girl. If i have learned anything from my love life, meaning girls i have liked or had a crush on, it is that if you ever like someone genuinely they will not like you back, they will get bored, or something will happen to make them leave you. However, just like how life it self is a miracle, it also works its miracle sometimes. There are three people that came into my life, whom i consider to be the three teachings of life.

ONE: When I first met her, i instantly fell for her uniqueness, everything about her was so different, without even realizing I learned to smile from the heart. Nothing good ever happens without evil following right behind. Just like that she turned into the reason why I fell into a mist of darkness, a place so cold I pleaded for a jacket but no one was around, a place so dark that even light it self could not escape, a place so infinite it makes you feel small and hopeless. There, that was the place I was in for a long time, a long time until i learned to see things from more than just from my own point of view, I learned to see in the dark, I learned to get warm by my self, that was the place where i learned how to stand on my own feet without wanting a shoulder to lean on. I crawled until i reached the end of what seemed to be a life time of darkness, and I finally stepped out of that place.

Two: She was not someone I did not know of. To be honest she was in my life for a long time, but without me knowing, she was always there, but i did not notice until Christmas. Having a scared heart I was a bit hesitant at first to let her in, and when I was finally able to let her in, she found excuses to scar me more. From her I learned a lot as well. I learned that no matter what happens I am strong enough to over come it. I learned you need goals in your life, other wise it will be meaning less, I learned you need to be kind and most importantly I learned how to take step back and see everything for what they are and not what I wanted them to be. I also learned to be patient, which I am glad about for it came of use in my third lesson.

Three: Unlike the past two girls, this girl was completely different to everything I thought I knew about girls. Not only was she talented and cute, but she had this very relaxed quality about her that attracted me. To be honest based on her physical appearance, she was not my "Type", but I found my self liking, her deeply cultured life and her. I liked her friends and I liked her family, some how I ended up liking a lot about her. And just like that all of my hope was turned upside down, when she told me "she liked me, but i wasn't the one" or something along those line. After all I went through, I had honestly thought there was nothing left to learn. Little did I know how wrong I was. She taught me to look deeper into life than just the default surfaces. In the little time I spent with her, she taught me to be relaxed about things, to not worry about how everything will turn out, it will all happen naturally. She taught me what friends were, she taught me to think about my self first, she taught me how to be motivated and ironically she also taught me what laziness is. However, the most important lesson I learned from her was to have a gently heart among all the rock heartened people. she, taught me to stand out.

Even though going through all these was painful on its own, I am glad I did. All of these lessons changed me as a person, it made some parts of me die but it also resurrected some parts of me that died without my knowledge. However, when it comes to love I stand corrected, no matter how many lessons life gives me, which I am grateful for, I still stand corrected. When you genuinely like someone, something will happen and it will not happen the way you want it. Out of all the lessons life have thrown at me, the most important lesson I have learned is to not ever like anyone truly, for if you do, they will be taken away from you. I am still young, but I am still ready to learn a lot from life. The Three lesson life gave me, taught me a lot, and I consider them to be the most important lessons yet.

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Bailie says:
27 Apr, 2016 01:54 AM

I love this and I love that you were brave enough to share your story because for those who do read this they will pick up on the lessons that you learned and I think that are important lessons that most people never learn I mean some do but most don't and they make the same mistakes over and over again and they shouldn't be because the point of most of the things life throws at you is to learn from those mistakes so thank you for sharing your story.

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Alone says:
08 May, 2016 04:57 AM

You are wise. Not many people are. Love is bittersweet, isn't it? But you had the courage to move on with it, and keeping the memory at that. Most people would have tried to forget. Be strong.

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