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3 Lessons of life


05 Feb, 2016 04:03 AM

I don't know anymore. I thought i had at least some idea of what will happen in life. Now i am starting to come to the realization that i have no clue or idea of what will happen, or what is happening in life, in my life. The obvious is there. I know exactly what is happening with that. It's nothing new, the old, study, get a degree, get a job, and bla bla, but what i don't know anymore is the purpose of my life, the purpose of me loving anyone. the purpose of me even trying to genuinely love a girl. If i have learned anything from my love life, meaning girls i have liked or had a crush on, it is that if you ever like someone genuinely they will not like you back, they will get bored, or something will happen to make them leave you.... [Read More]

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