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Sister Separation


28 Jun, 2012 09:54 PM

In about 2009, just a few days before school got out for the summer, a tragic death happened to a 12 year old girl. There were two twin sisters, (I don't know their names.) They were super close, or maybe even best friends. School had just ended for the day. One of the sisters were on the bus, but the other was still getting stuff out of her locker, then she was finished and got up and ran to try and catch up. But the bus was already gone. So she called her sister, No answer. So she tried calling her parents to pick her up. They were at work in Chicago, so couldn't. So she chased after the bus, but as she was running she tripped. She couldn't move her leg, and the bus was coming and ran her over. She was quickly rushed to the hospital, but at about 6:30 pm, she passed, leaving her twin sister behind. So this is what I call a sister separation. Years have gone by, with her not being there, still sadness flows the air around the sister, and the parents. No one knew why it had to happen but it did, she was my one of my brothers friends, and he felt sad too because she died. The bus driver was fired, i can hear people talk about it in the hallways, look at it in the yearbook, but some people learned to let it go, because shes in gods arms, as an angle, looking down at her twin sister who is now 15, but as age in heaven she stays 12, as i age she will stay 12 but i will remember her when i hear church bells. she was a friend, a sister, a daughter, and a child. A young child, that will forever be in our hearts, we love her, and shall never let her go. Please pray for the family, this may have been years ago, but I know they still hurt very much. Very beautiful girls have been separated till' further notice, but will be together again someday, we'll all be together again, in the arms of god. Thanks for reading My Story, I hope you liked it, Its a true terrible story, But thanks for your time and each vote is one prayer for the separated twin sisters, thank you guys so much, I Love you all.
~the end~

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Sarah says:
30 Nov, 2012 09:20 PM

Im sure that shes looking at her twin sister... Sad :(

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Moye says:
29 Jan, 2013 10:14 PM

Its a touching story,heart Breaking but as you've said she's indeed in the arms of the Lord. Thanks for this wonderful story.

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