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Love story


08 Jun, 2010 10:58 AM

[This is a story about a dog named Kayla, she is in love with a dog named Stanley, please enjoy.]

Stanley and I walked alongside the beach, his golden brown fur blew in the wind, my fur stayed sleek against my body, I flicked my tail and smiled, rubbing against Stanley's side.
"I don't want you to go away tonight." I say sadly.
"What do you mean?" Stanley asks me, our eyes meet, his eyes pale green.
"Your master, you told me you were going to the forest to hunt." I reply
"Oh yes, I am." Stanley says.
I sigh and look down at his paws, he was a german sheppard, I was just a husky.
I don't even remember how we met, I only know we fell in love at first sighting.
Stanley licks my ear lightly and nuzzles my cheek. "Hey, Kayla," he starts.
I look up.
"I won't leave you forever, if that's what you're worried about."
I smile. "It kind of was..." I admit.
He laughs and flicks his tail, he taps his nose against mine.
I smile and lick his nose, I stop as we bump into our masters. I sigh. "Goodbye." I say, holding my head out.
Stanley rubs his head against mine. "I'll see you at your house after hunting." He whispers.

I wait in my masters front room, looking out the window, I see my eyes in the reflection of the window, thay sparkle blue from the night sky.
I see Stanley's master come to my masters door, but I didn't see Stanley...
I run to the door, expecting it was a trick.
My master comes and opens the door, they walk to the kitchen together.
Nothing comes in behind Stanley's master.
I run into the kitchen and see Stanley's master handing my master a red collor, like the one Stanley had... My eyes widen. "What happened?!" I think to myself, I bark.
Stanley's master bends down. "Hey Kayla, listen, Stanley, he.. you won't be seeing him ever again..."
I bark and back up whimpering. "WHY?!" it only comes out a bark to a human.
Stanley's master holds his hands out, blood drips off onto the floor.
I shake my head.
"I did nothing Kayla, it was a bear. Stanley's too young to fight those off, but he came too close to a cub and well, momma got him..." He holds his hand out to me.
I yelp loudly and run to the window and scratch on it barking loudly, I feel tears run down my cheeks.
Stanley's master gets up and sighs. "I'm sorry..." He says as he leaves.

For more than many years now, I have stayed on the couch by the window, watching german sheppards pass our house, hoping at least ONE will be Stanley.

Eventually, I died, I had stopped eating for over 3 years. I starved myself in this depression I have picked up from my one lost love.

I don't know what brought us together, but I hope it brings us together in heaven as angels. No one can ever stand against my love, I'll never trust another dog in my life... Ever.

The end

[Sorry for any mistakes, hope you enjoyed :)]

Tags: Love, Animal, Dog, Fairy
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Dalia says:
14 Sep, 2010 11:43 AM

wonderful..even though i dislike dogs..keep it up!

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