11 Sep, 2018 12:22 PM
Everyday I woke up
You used to pour a coffee on my cup
Kisses in the morning
Then you and me hugging

It used to be

It used to be
But now I couldn't see
So I just slip back on my sheets
Like playing hide and seek

With someone I wish to be here
And whispering on my ear
Saying I love you
And proving it's true

Since you walked away
I've been crying everyday
I was always in blue
And all because of you

Why oh why
Do I have to cry
You left me alone
With all the love you've shown

You broke my heart
And I missed you a lot
But I have to let you go now
I just don't know how

But I gotta try
Until I can Hi
That you're nothing
No more liking
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