05 Jun, 2018 01:21 PM
Sometimes in life
You feel like you're lost
Sometimes in life
You feel like you did the most

But it's not going your way
It's falling apart
But you forgot one thing
That you always have to try

Don't lose your goals
Don't forget what's important
If you do that
You won't be forgoten

You will get your reward
You will get your celebration
But never forget
What you did to earn you celebration

You didn't give up
You always moved forward
But if that's all you wanted
Then why did you bother?

Your life should be more meaningful
Your life should be worth more
Then a glass of champane
And words "I love you more"

If she's your goal
That congratiolations you won it
But other then that
Is it really what you wanted?

If you wanted a girl just to be cool
You should have given up you fool
That's not a goal
That's just a fantasy
When will you learn
That your life is a tragedy

Real goals should be something more then a kiss
Then a glass of champane
Then a celabration how you did this
Goals should make your life hard
Make your life a living misery
'Cuz that's the only way
You could feel the ecstasy

Goals should try to make you give up
Goals should thoughen you
And when you beat them
You shouldn't be happy too

You should be worried
You should be afraid
Did you choose something
That was way to lame

How could you reach it?
How did you do it?
That shouldn't be impossible
But here you come and do it.

Goals should be like that
They should make you feel terrible
And when it's all over
You wouldn't be as terrible

So don't forget to try
Do the impossible
And make people wonder
How is that possible

Never forget to try just a little more then you are trying
And maybe that will make your life worth living a while
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