Feel Me

Ramadhan Abdul Rahman

01 Aug, 2017 08:08 AM
Why should I listen to my heart
It brings nothing but pain
Why should I fall apart
Everytime is the same

Why should I follow a fake a dream
knowing it will bring nothing but more scream
Why should I follow you
When I can let you go.

Do you feel me ???

Why should I wait all day
Why can't I just go my own way
Letting you go !!!!
I can do this ... But No

I feel but I cannot speak
Why do I feel this weak

Do you feel me??

Why should I go through this agony
Why cannot I just follow my destiny
Why cannot I just let you go
Maybe because you are everything I know
Maybe cannot watch you at the edge of my universe
Maybe cannot think of someone else

Watching you passing by my side
But not away from my mind

I do feel You
Have you ever felt me????
Tags: Love, Lost, Stuck, Hope, Pain
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Soham Dam says:
22 Oct, 2017 10:20 AM

This poem is so relatable...to my life...this poem has taken my heart....the hidden pain of the poet has emerged here its jst awsome...????

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