Missing You So Much

Jade Kaiser

27 Jul, 2017 05:48 AM
I can still sense the aroma of your hair
And your skin that so soft;
Your touch,
And your hugs that once gave me comfort
Now it gives me pain and ache.

Every time,
I remember every moment of it
Every moment,
I'm with you is one of the happiest.
Oh! How I love to be with you
At least once more...

But even how much I'll pray for it,
How much I'll struggle
To have you once again,
Even how much I'll hope for it,
It will never happen,
All those urge will just be in vain.

I know, I know,
It sound so selfish
To have you once again in my life...

Wanting to hear your laugh so sweet,
Your voice,
When you talk and especially,
When you sing…
Is so angelic,
Sending me to heaven even I'm still on earth.

Once again,
I really hate myself!
Loving you this much,

No words will ever expressed
How much I love you.
No words will ever expressed
How much I miss you.
No words can tell
How much I am in pain and anguish.

From the day you left,
Until the day I realized
How much I can't live without you;
Until today,
And until the next future,
Until the day,
That I can finally see you.

That's the only way
This heartache will be gone.
I know, I know,
That I myself do not know when it will happen,
Only God knows it.

And until now,
I am struggling living without you.
I maybe half alive,
Half undead.

And every time I misses you
At home,
I just go to bed and always trying to close my eyes,
But the tears still falls
Flowing like a river
And my heart,
Aches too much…
So much,
So much pain, 
That I thought I can't handle;
So much pain that almost killing me inside.

And when I'm at work, 
When I'm missing you
I hold the call,
And start crying like a baby
Wanting her mommy.

I hope I can hold your hand once again
Just at least your hand
At least just once,
To end this misery and sorrow
Ma, I miss you a lot...
So much!
Someday will meet in heaven,
I'll hug you so tight and whisper in your ears
Telling you how much I miss you...
That no words can ever describe it.
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