Broken Dream

Ramadhan Abdul Rahman

27 Jan, 2017 07:48 PM
A dream with no sleep
a reality that hurts so deep

it was in my hand
losing it as it was never been there
slipping away from my sight, going somewhere

I can see you but can't have you
nothing in my hand to do
pain builds mountain inside of me
crashing my soul
falling inside an endless hole

time trapped me under her unlimited shadows
passes like century within a single day
having no choice bu to stay

they are taking my sun out of my world
taking you away from me
how it could be??!!

darkness coming so fast again
my world collapses and will never be the same
what the meaning of my life if I cannot be with you
You the dream I want to live into

No my love will never die
even if I have to stay like this forever
Yes I knew I'm losing you everyday more than the day before
but there will be one goal I'll stand for
to keep my heart belonging to you

never will be for someone else
you are my heart itself

it might be betrayed by life
but the hope of being with you is enough to keep it alive

Yours till forever
Tags: Love, Life, Hope
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