Past Poison


01 Nov, 2015 07:55 PM
What's holding me back,
Is the time we never had.
As the poison gave me a heaven I could never find,
While lost in the streets without a dime.

I could get lost in each inch of sinful bliss that flowed into me,
And I was too blind to see,
All that it did to me.

Gazing at these vibrant scars,
Going one step too far.
Cold concrete, freezing days,
Relying on the warmth of your destructive ways.

Shedding blood like dead skin,
Injected and giving in.
One take and you'll be gone,
Listening to that suicidal song.

Never to breathe again,
This sickness shall be damned.
Trying to move on,
Yet so gone.

Fetal position, waiting for the next hit,
Can't walk, can't sit.
Endless seizures,
Still giving in.

Each drop flooding my soul,
Darkened, blacker then coal.
Abused like the needle in my skin,
Broken within.

Last thing to see,
Was the end of me.
Never coming home,
Gone and alone.

Never going to catch me,
I've fallen too far.
Unable to see,
Anything but this black tar.

And all the smiles that hurt me,
Will never find clarity.
As I collapse with no breathe,
Eyes closing, embracing death.

Told you I'd be here forever,
Told you I'd always care.
But it was never,

The end of us,
Was the end of me.
As I wait till dusk,
So you can be.

What took my breathe, and my life,
As I face death's scythe.
With no energy,
I am now nothing but a memory.

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