Prime Example

Daniel Bogogolela

11 Oct, 2015 02:04 PM
his life was riddled with bullet holes
from guns of violent women.
women he had approached and,
brought upon himself–
then blamed God when
their actions became too much
for him to bear.

though I feel for him,
I’ve learnt a lot from his past.
especially when I’ve to accept
that sometimes my eyes gets me into
and satan knows what us men like.
what our dreams and aspirations

my friend became a live,
prime example in his prime
on not how to live life.
he had varrious addictions but,
women were the worst of all.
when he opened his eyes,
he had lost all things that
he had spend most of his
life working hard on.

I warned him but he told me;
to mind my bloody business.
I'd no real business interests
in this life but lots on his life.
he chucked me aside knowing
all too well what his life meant to I.

we didn’t had to be like spouses but,
he was someone I could spend some
time with discussing--
 how we should live this life.
women was his weakness.
I’ve some weaknessess too but,
he took them with him to the graveyard.
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