You won

Dana Jenkin

03 Jan, 2015 07:06 PM
I take a glance, 
at the scars on my wrists
they tell me, 
it doesn't have to be like this

I want to talk, 
to let it out
but nobody is there to listen, 
even when I shout,

depression is dark,
so speak up...
before it takes you away
and covers your mouth.

Its hard for some of us to breathe,
So we tear open our skin, we bleed to know that we're still alive.
You don't really care so why don't you leave.
Into the pool of sadness we dive, 

Waiting for the sun to come out again.
It's like you're drowing, except everyone else around you is breathing.
And there you go, leaving like we were nothing, like i was nothing.
You got what you wanted i guess you won.
Tags: Sad, Depression, Cut
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