3 Missed Calls

Lanno Chiipira

01 Sep, 2014 10:52 PM
My head full of new chapter stories
Trying to delete old memories
She calls for the first time
i find an excuse to start anew poem 

My phone lights for the  second time 
It is  her again ,Trying to hook me back
I have no love for her     
So her calls  carry no weight 

My phone lights for the third time
For sure , She is trying to suck my time
Can I change my number ?
Or she has  to be my  blacklist member ?

At the middle of searching answers
She calls for the fourth time
I click a green button with anger
ready to spit harsh words On her 

She catches  a mouth piece first
With  sorrowful  tone  “Help ! Help ! Am dying”
And then, she stops    
I Try to call her name again and again
I only gets total silence in return
Tags: Dying, Hate
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