Scarlet Flower

Lily Vasilyeva

01 Jun, 2013 12:48 PM
A scarlet flower on her wrist,
Her vision starts to cloud with mist,
She's slipping down the cold, wet floor,
No strength to hold her up no more;

She smiles even through the pain,
The shower turned on, dripping like rain,
Nothing left to keep her sane,
Her blood spreading as a scarlet stain;

She dimly hears her favorite song,
The desire to live not anymore so strong,
She wants to disappear and fade,
Like a blossom in a glade;

The pain's slowly leaving her,
Nothing left but a shell on the floor,
Her soul reaches out toward the bright light,
She's finally happy, happy in flight...
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Rose says:
22 Jun, 2014 02:45 AM

Thank you. I really needed this.

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