12 Sep, 2010 04:31 AM
when all is gone and lost,
when everything and everyone that we love is gone
and all good is gone from the world,
why do we still hope???

to me hope is a very bad thing,
it keeps your spirits up,
only to be crushed again and again.

apparently it's because we're human
that we hope, have dreams and make wishes.
if that is the case than it's only more upsetting
when you are disappointing.

i may only be a little girl,
but within i am screaming,
and all that i have is hope and love,
which is more than most people i know.

but sometimes i wish to hide away
and not come back,
to crawl into a dark forest
or be enveloped by the beep black waters that i love so much.

only one thing stops me though,
and this is my message to all of you who are hurt and sad;
think of what would happen to those who care for you,
to a mother, a father, a sibling or even a friend
if you left this world.

and if you do not have any of these,
i am truly sorry,
i cannot imagine what it is like
but think of they would say to if you did leave the living,
to be consumed by the dead

would a parent be proud that you did not try a little longer?
for if you take your own life,
you can't go to god.

and if you don't believe in god,
because of what has happened to you,
think of it this way;
god makes a barrier between our world and hell
to stop the devil from doing evil,
but sometimes, despite all his power,
the devil breaks through
and that is why bad things happen.

once again i am only one little girl,
but please don't hurt yourself because your sad,
don't be one of those people you hear on the TV,
with the mothers crying in the background.
ask for help from someone
and 'let your tears flow'
and keep hoping.

many of you may not listen to me
but thanks for reading.
Tags: Sadness, Death
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Louisa says:
22 Sep, 2010 03:43 AM

people should listen to you. :(

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