I want to be free


10 Dec, 2012 02:49 AM
I sit in my cage,
Small and meek,
I wait,
I wait for my freedom.

My masters won't allow it,
They keep me on a short leash,
Telling me what to do.

Why can't I just be me,
I just want to be free,
Why must people demand things out of me?

Why do I have to be what people expect me to be,
Can't I just be free,
My cage shrinks the more I think,
I can no longer move,
I can no longer try to run. 

One day I will break out of this cage,
When I do...
I'll live somewhere I can be free,
Somewhere no one will ever find me,
I can't escape them,
My masters watch me,
They command me.

One day I'll leave them,
And live somewhere,
With no masters,
No prison,
And no cages.
I just want to be free,
I want to be free from this cage...
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white wolf says:
22 Oct, 2013 10:51 PM

I like it !!!

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