Story of My Life.

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01 Dec, 2012 08:50 PM
The girl who always looks sad but claims she’s fine. The girl who puts sad messages up everyday.
The girl who when she sees you, 
smiles a half a smile. 

The girl who always has time to 
listen to you vent 
and is willing to give her opinion 
to help you in anyway that she can.

The girl who cares about helping everyone 
but herself.
The girl who cries every night 
before she goes to sleep.

The girl who pretends that she’s okay 
while she's dying inside. 
The girl who says she’s happy for you 
when you get a new girlfriend 
while jealousy is raging inside her.

The girl who hugs you when you’re down 
but secretly wishes she could hug you forever.
The girl who tries to look beautiful 
even though she knows she’s not.

The girl who says that she’ll always be there 
for you no matter what ....
The story of my life ?
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