The Wait


15 May, 2012 11:25 PM
In the long twilight between birth and death we stand.
We stand.
Waiting for the things around us to fade and pass away.

We wait.
For what is life without joy,
No happiness or peace?
We stand.
Waiting for an answer, searching for truth.

We wait
The days pass by us like leaves in an autumnal wind.
We stand.
We stand as friends and loved ones pass on into the void before us.

We wait.
Wait for our turn as the truth is revealed to others.
As they depart on the journey we ourselves will one day take.
We stand.
Aching with sorrow, waiting for the reason why.
We wait.

At last the sun breaks through the dismal grey sky. 
We stand.
No more the torments stalk us in the darkness.
We wait.
At last here is joy, here is peace.
Love untold is pouring down, bringing with it contentment.
We stand.
Sunlight and serenity flow around us.
We wait no more.
Tags: Sad, Lonly, Tears, Wait, Death
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no name says:
09 Jan, 2013 05:28 PM

You put me on the brink of tears. Thank you for such a beautiful poem.

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