To my best friend


14 May, 2012 03:22 PM
My boyfriend knows I'm still broken 
from the love I had before 
it clearly breaks his heart
knowing I loved max more.

he was there to pick me up 
when I fell so brutally down 
my best friend in more ways then one 
I was lucky to have him around

from my best friend to my lover
in the shadow of what I used to own
you are my rock baby 
and you stopped me from being alone

I know you think I don't love you 
as much as I loved him 
he hurt me more ways then possible 
you could never sin. 

so in a way I'm happy 
I am now with someone like you 
who unconditionally loves me 
who will support me in all I do. 

Thank you for fixing my broken heart 
and making me happy again
you are not only my boyfriend 
but my very dear best friend.
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no name says:
09 Jan, 2013 02:42 PM

This is such a touching poem. I enjoyed it.

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