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If you were in my eyes than you might have flown...but you are inside my heart.
My heart LONGS for you
My soul DIES for you
My eyes CRY for you
My empty ARMS reach out
for you
Tags: Sad, Missing, Alone
your the one I thought of today
only in silence but I often speak your name
there is no cure for my pain
and my heart belongs to you
but without you here I'm really shattered in two 
but I will keep dreaming of you..
People don't die from suicide, they die from sadness.
My friends who are in a relationship.. 
tells me I'm lucky I've been single for a long time, 

but what they don't know is... what it is like to be alone for so long 
and you just want that one person you can have late night phone calls and kissing in the rain.
Music is the only thing in the world that can block out madness, 
and can be consumed in the sadness, for it helps the soul survive even if only for a short time.
"You have never been in love until you loved someone enough to let them go"
Tags: Love, Let Go, Missing, Sad
The most painful goodbyes are the one that are never said and never explained...
My world started breaking, 
with the way you've been cheating.
my life is here 
my love is there
Tags: Love, Life, Missing, Pain, Sad