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"I'm like the book which almost everyone seems to skim through the pages but never reads the whole story."
Things go wrong when you're not there with me...
Hopes do fall when your not there with me...
Feel too lonely when you're no there with me...

You mean to me my world. 
I wish world would not had snatched u from me.
- Allen thomas
Loneliness,my old friend
Here you are again,back in my life
I thought you would never come again
I never dreamed I would feel you again
But now that you are here
Lets share this road
Let us walk together again
- Cedric R
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"There are more tears running down my face then there is rain in a whole year,
And i feel more alone then i was before."
- Mel
Being single doesn't suck.
It can be fun sometimes. but its lonely.
any independent and strong person will learn how to be alone. 
but its nice to have someone around to share your life with.
its a gift of life that's hard to find.
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i never knew what love is until i met you..
and what loneliness is until we were separated..
- rae
If I get bored being alone...I go ahead and take a ride and sing with my loneliness.
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