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I am destined to live in the past for when you took your love away, with it went my future.
love is like heaven... but the pain that accompanies it makes it another hell we all have to go through
When you start to miss me just look at the spaces between your fingers and remember that's where mine belong.... That's what I have been doing lately:(
The true evidence of a broken heart, is the feeling of despair when we are apart
- SolemnFootsteps
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Let the rain flow and mask my tears, for they were only yours to see.
Love is so sweet when its there but it so vicious when it is gone </3
- BeautifullyDestroyedAngel
Relationships mostly end up in pain. So make it worth it!
Take this rose and just as it's petals shrivel and fall each fallen petal is a piece of my heart but unfortunately unlike when the rose dies I won't. I will be left with nothing and remember that this is what you made me </3
A million words wont bring u back.i know b/c i tried, a million tears wont, bring u back i know b/c i cried, now that my thoart is soar and my eyes are dry ,my last wish is for u to die
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I thought that love was the best thing in the world untill.... love broke my heart in two