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Lena d'Arc

09 Sep, 2011 06:15 AM
I've always wanted to see you again,
to hear your voice,
to look in your eyes. 

I've always wanted to hold your hand,
to hug your wide back,
to smile like idiot together with you,
just like back then.

At first I thought,
oh look at that punk,
but soon as the time passed,
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Tags: Love, Hate, Sorrow, Sadness, Pain, Happiness, Memories
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The Meteor.


08 Nov, 2010 04:02 AM
The meteor is crashing,
you hold me tight,
as we lay underneath the stars,
hand in hand.

Let the sea breeze dance,
let the fireflies shine,
all I know is that we're together,
I'll be fine,
we'll be fine.

The meteor is crashing,
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Tags: Love, Happiness, Apocalypse
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