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Jamie 3

Sylvia Mickey

25 Jun, 2012 04:48 PM
I've always been your friend
You've always been my rock.
But now I am naked in front of you,
it feels right. 

You touch my skin and I think you feel the same.
But you persist that you are but a human.
If your love for me as a friend
was greater than your urges of the flesh
then maybe I wouldn't
be so confused today.
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Tags: Sad, Unloved, Pain, Used, Friend
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Poem o truth

Sara Grace

26 Oct, 2011 02:24 PM
My heart flutters at the touch,
A secret well kept.

As time passes It will soon be known.
For all know of my love for him.
But what is one to do when
Your best friend loves him too?
One stands by of course to 
Let him be happy.
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Tags: Unloved, Best Friend, Friend
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