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Lost Connection


25 Sep, 2011 08:26 PM

I went to my friends cabin, twice. The first time, they started teasing me about him. We never even talked, just once in a little bit our eyes met. She teased me at a competition in front of the guy who loved me, he wasn't just in love with me he was going to ask me out, i didn't like him, not one bit. She saved me and said her cousin was my boyfriend, there wre 2 benefits out of it, she got to tease me and the boy who liked me wouldn't ask me out.

The second time I went to her cabin, everything came true, He teased me, stared at me, and hung around me a lot. And i did the same thing to him, we were probably in love and neither of us knew it. The last day we had to leave it was sad, i had to say goodbye to my friends cousins who now became my friends. And her cousin, the one i liked. I remembered laying awake in the bed and thinking about him, wondering if he thought about me. Cause i know all i could think about were his eyes, the long eyelashes and blue eyes. I wondered if we would ever be together.

A couple weeks later, we were friends on facebook, we talked a lot every night, pretty much, he teased me, and i teased him back. Sometimes i didn't even have to start the conversation, he would start it. He made me soo happy! Every night for 2 and a half weeks we talked, it was heavenly (well not heavenly, but i sure was happy).

When my sports started, we had no time to talk, he said hi once but i didn't reply, i wanted to, but i dint see it i forgot to log off my facebook, i felt soo bad. I said hi 2 times after, he logged off, either not realizing i said hi or just didn't want to talk to me. I miss him soo much, and shit do i cherish those conversations we had.
does anyone have any ideas on what i can do?

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aryan saxena says:
09 Feb, 2012 08:29 AM

It happens in evryone's life dat thr is sm persn wid whom we lik to spend our tim,who makes us happy,bt it not in our control to boumd dat persn to b wid us alwaz,he has to depart at one point of tim or the other,i too liked a girl a lot,i loved talkin to hr,she used to talk to me whole day n nite,v were havin vry good tim,i ws livin a one day i gt a msg frm hr dat v cnt talk anymore,m gettin married,my world ws lost,i ws nt able to spend a min widout hr n nw she leavin me frevr,bt aftr being sad fr few daz i realized dat befor meeting hr i ws a vry happy guy,i used to do differnt things which made me happy,i had frndz n family who made me happy,so i decided to liv my lif again n soon i found new love in life,which made my lif happy dnt lose hope,dnt b sad,if u try u wil keep findin wayz to b happy.

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liz maya says:
07 Aug, 2012 06:39 AM

if he really cares about you, he'll talk to you again. if he doesn't, you'll be okay. sorry..

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