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i love secondhand seranade
"walking away has never been an option...its not a question of choice. Sometimes its the only thing there is to do. Even if you don't, someone else will." BUt you didn't even walk away, he did. Nothing was your fault, okay? You should know that by now. Some time when you least expect it, you'll be okay. goodluck.
i was so touched by your story. I'm so sorry but you'll be okay.
I'm so sorry, at one time i was so afraid that a guy i liked had feelings for my friend...and when i proved it, i didn't know how to deal with it. i know sooner or later, they will be really close, and i can't do anything about it apart from just lie in my bed and cry every night. when i read your story, i didn't know how i would survive if it got to that. Believe me, i know how you feel, and if you ever get this, please e-mail me. I would really like to talk
if he really cares about you, he'll talk to you again. if he doesn't, you'll be okay. sorry..


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