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never saw him again


11 Apr, 2010 08:50 AM

This happened 2 years ago.. My mother decided to live with my grandma and grandpa in the province since my dad died. At first, I was excited to go there, but when the day finally came that we'll move out, I regretted on going there. I can't do anything about it anymore. So, I did my best to look happy when I'm with my grandparents and mother. Every night I cry to sleep 'coz I miss my brothers and sister, of course my friends. It was summer break that time. Then after a month, school started. It was very first day of school. I was attending in a private school.

At first, I was shy to talk to everyone because I came from a different place. But my classmates were nice. They all gathered around me and asked things about me. I was happy because I made friends on the first day. Time goes by and I spent my day happily with my classmates. Then, finally.. Our teacher announced us the participants in the up coming division journalism press conference. And, I was chosen to compete at Editorial writing.

The day finally came. We packed our things because it will be a 3 days and 2 nights sleep over at a far school. I was glad that I was able to participate in this event, but I'm a little nervous that I might disappoint my teachers. As soon as we got to the destination, we went to our rooms. Luckily, we got the largest room. Then my classmates and juniors suggested to go sightseeing at the school. Our teachers agreed to it. Then there, we started to look around. We went separately. I was with my best friend. We bought many things and had a lot of fun. While we were walking, I bumped into somebody. "I'm sorry!" I said without looking at his face. "It's ok. are you hurt?" he asked me. Then my best friend spoke. "---! it really is you!" The two of them knew each other. But I didn't have the chance to introduce myself to him. I didn't even saw his face because I was looking at the ground. After that, many interesting things happened to us.

Then, 3 days after the division conference was over, somebody texted me in my cellphone. It was an unsaved number. It said "good morning Juliet!(btw that's just my username) how are you?"
I was so shocked that the person who messaged me knows my name. So, I asked him who he was. But he didn't give me his real name. It's just a code name. He knew that I love the anime prince of tennis so he used "Kunimitsu". I wondered who he was so I asked if we already met. Of course, I was expecting "NO" but he answered "yes". Starting from that day, he always messaged/called my cellphone and chatted with me in my yahoo messenger. He was so sweet, gentle, and caring. Then sooner or later, I fell in love with him. Even if I can't see his face, his words always reached me. I didn't really care how he looked like, but the important thing is, he is such a good guy.

3 months have passed, we were still getting in touch. Then I decided to meet him at the park. He agreed. So in the afternoon, I went there. No one was around. All I saw was a pink box with my name on it. I opened the box and saw a dolphin key chain and
a letter. It said: Sorry i still can't show my face to you. Maybe another time! You were staring at this dolphin yesterday, right? So, here you are. My first present to you. LOVE, KUNIMITSU
I was about to cry in happiness. But my phone suddenly rang. Kunimitsu was calling. As I can remember, he said "Hey, don't cry over something like that!! I bought that for you to make you smile." hearing those words from him touched my heart. I can't help but cry. I was so sure that he was watching over me. I kept the key chain and the letter with me until now.

Then, valentines day came. My bestfriend delivered something to me in my house. It was a Ryoma doll and she said that it was from kunimitsu. I saw something attached to it. It was a letter again. IT SAID: happy valentines, princess! I haven't watched over you for a while, so i missed you! I'm glad that you spent those 6 months texting, chatting and calling me. I was happy. You changed me so much. Ever since I first saw you in that press conference, i couldn't take my eyes off you. I was really glad that ___ is your best friend. So I asked many things about you. Well, the truth is, this may be the last time that I can send a message to you. I really have a high fever right now while I'm making this letter, so sorry for the bad hand writing! Now, I'll give you a hint on who I really am. I was the guy that you bumped into at the press conference a couple of months ago. I hope you remember. uh.. I can't think of something else to write here anymore. So, I just wanted to thank you for everything. And, I'm sorry. You'll always be my princess even if we won't see each other anymore. But you haven't even see me!!! haha! Remember, wherever you are, always smile! After all, your smile is your best feature!! NOTE: I'm sorry I made you fall in love with me. I just don't want to hurt you so I can't get in touch with you anymore. GOOD BYE, always be safe my princess. LOVE, your faithful night kunimitsu.

I was really shocked when I read the letter. I cried too much and tried to phone him. But I can't through him. I cried on my bed. I can't accept the fact that we won't be able to talk to each other anymore. He was my first love. I wanted to go back to the day when I bumped into him and take a good look on his face. But it's impossible. After all of what happened in that "6 months" all I discovered to his existence is his name.. "ANTHONY" I cry every night when I re-read his last letter to me. I took care all the things that he has given me and I didn't erase any single message from him. I always remember to smile in front of other people like what he always tell me. I always smile at my best, hoping that I might meet him someday.

Ever since valentines day 2008, I haven't received any news and message from him. But I never give up on him. I always pray at night that we'll see each other again. I lived my life with a great smile on my face like what he told me. I will always wait for him even if it hurts.

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lianne says:
21 Apr, 2010 08:23 AM

wow.. i's really sad..
i like your story so much..
i hope you can see him..
and i wish all of your prayers will come true..
never give up girl..

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Kawii says:
05 Aug, 2010 01:18 PM

wow that is really sad
but mmm... didn't your friend know him
maybe she knows what happend to him
well cuz you did say he had a very high fever when he was writing the last card to you
well i just hope that you find him even if it is like 10 year from now

well take care girl

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kawii says:
05 Aug, 2010 01:33 PM

i forgot to say bye
oh and where it says the last card to you well it was the last card he send you haha
sorry well bye again

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