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Lost Love


07 Apr, 2010 09:19 PM

I once had a boyfriend named Daniel. He was always very sweet and would bring me gifts often. He constantly called me beautiful and always was by my side when I needed him. The down side of the relationship was he would always talk to other girls when we were on dates. I tried not to become jealous, but I finally lost my mind after months of dating him. He canceled a date because he was sick. I decided to go to his house to cheer him up, but all I found was my sister and him kissing on the couch. I left the house immediately without letting them know I was ever there. The second I got back to my house I started to burst into tears. My heart ached for the next few days. When Daniel finally contacted me to go out on a date, I decided to confront him about the situation. I went to the arranged meeting place and asked him why he was with my sister the day before. He then told me it was a mistake and he would never cheat on me on purpose, and my sister attacked him. I believed him completely. A day after, my father informed my family we were going to move across the country for a year. I started to cry and couldn't think of anything else besides Daniel. We just made up and now I would be leaving his side. I called him immediately, telling him about everything. He was silent, and only said, "I'll miss you." I was expecting a little bit more, but then he hung up.

On moving day, he didn't show up to tell me goodbye. He didn't send a message to me in any way.

I would constantly think about him and could concentrate on nothing else. In the following year, I had no messages from him. I tried to talk to my friends about it, but they wouldn't tell me anything. All they would say is "He's busy. Give him a break." I forgave him and tried to focus on other things, but it was merely impossible.

The day my parents told me we would be moving back filled my heart with joy. I would see Daniel again! I packed my things excitedly and forgot about everything that had happened.

When we got back, I ran to Daniel's house without a delay. A little girl opened the door. I assumed it was his little sister, so I asked her where her older brother was. She looked completely confused, but brought a boy about ten-years-old out. He asked me who I was, and I replied with "Do you have another older brother?" The boy told me no and tried to shut the door. Before he did, Daniel walked out of a door and faced me. He froze as my face lighted up. "Daniel! I missed you so much! How are you?" I asked him after I threw myself at him. At that moment, a very good-looking woman walked out from the same door Daniel entered in. "Who is this, Danny?" She asked him. "Umm...I don't know. She just came in." Daniel told her. "Daniel...don't you recognize me? I'm Alice." I told him, shocked and confused. "It's very nice to meet you, Alice. My name is Shelly. How long have you known Daniel?" The woman introduced herself. "I've...know him for several years." I said. "Daniel, how come you haven't told me about her? We have been married for a year now." Shelly asked Daniel with a laugh. I stared at her, while a tear slipped from my eye. "Married?..." I whispered.

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jane says:
08 Apr, 2010 11:56 PM

damn..i burts with tears..ta guy daniel,he must go to hell..

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kayla dube says:
09 Apr, 2010 12:52 PM

obviously he never cared about you? & you're really stupid to beleive the whole sister thing, like for reall, it was a mistake ? how is that a mistake!? you're would have been funny if the little girl that answered the door was your sister and your boyfriends child(: haha that would have madea goood storyy!

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Weather says:
19 Oct, 2010 03:09 PM

DAMN!!! well he sounds like a worthless dick and he needs to go to hell!

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