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Damned by Love

xXLauren LucidityXx

23 Mar, 2013 04:00 AM

I tell this story for times ago, ages past and memories lost. Damned am I, and damned forever. Eternities of endless wandering I must suffer... and all because I, a hopeless girl, and a foolish boy fell in love... I fiddled with my thumbs aimlessly, the crisp October breeze pricking at my arms. My blonde hair was gently blowing in the breeze like golden tendrils of flame, dancing with the setting sun. My smiling eyes were set on one thing, and one thing only... Shawn's front door. My stomach jumped when I witnessed the knob turning, the deep, violet door slowly creaking open. Gradually, in which every second was like an hour, my mouth turned up in a smile from the jitters of his arrival. His silhouette was jet black against the blinding light erupting from his home. The radiant glow from inside was electrifying against the fading sky, flowing... [Read More]

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Lost Love


07 Apr, 2010 09:19 PM

I once had a boyfriend named Daniel. He was always very sweet and would bring me gifts often. He constantly called me beautiful and always was by my side when I needed him. The down side of the relationship was he would always talk to other girls when we were on dates. I tried not to become jealous, but I finally lost my mind after months of dating him. He canceled a date because he was sick. I decided to go to his house to cheer him up, but all I found was my sister and him kissing on the couch. I left the house immediately without letting them know I was ever there. The second I got back to my house I started to burst into tears. My heart ached for the next few days. When Daniel finally contacted me to go out on a date, I decided to... [Read More]

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