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I would never believe

Tasha L.

30 Mar, 2010 06:01 PM

We met online and we spoke for a awhile. We went out on dates that I couldn't forget. I loved you. Everything went alright after a 11 months. It would almost be a year. Until I heard you where getting into problems with alcohol. Your friends didn't like me. And you never cared to stand up for me whenever they where there. I gave you a second chance. But you abused that chance. I cried all night. Thinking I would never find a decent guy who cares and loves me. Why did you betray me like that all of the sudden? Was I not worth it? Now I have another boyfriend. And he's better then you'd ever be. Now you want to ask me why I broke up with you. And that I was your queen. Your heart. Your everything. Bullshit. If I was your everything you would of never done this to me. The emotional pain I still have to go through. Because of you I can't trust. You asked me for another chance. I said no. I love my boyfriend. And not you. When you had the chance you just didn't care. But now you do. Begging. After that day I swore to myself I would never love someone again. I swore I would never believe. But my now is the reason. Ai shiteru! <3
This goes out to my ex : P.A.
And The one who dared to care : J.G.K. <3

Tags: Sad, Love, Breakup
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