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I'm Sorry


23 Oct, 2010 12:54 PM

At first I thought we were best friends. Running free in the fields, letting go of our worries. We trained for hours but you never pushed me. But then came competition day. We were last to go. When it was our turn I was ready. Ready for the jumps. Ready to win. Ready to make you proud. As the jumps when by I felt you smile during every jump. But then came the final jump. It was high but I knew I could take it. When it was time for me to jump I lost my footing and triped while we were in the air. I collapsed, making poles hit the ground. You weren't hurt luckily. But My leg was bruised. My fall cost us the competition. We lost. Due to me. You were filled with anger as you dialed on your phone. In minutes, a trailor came in the parking lot. I went in it like we were going home. But I saw that you never got in it with me like you used to. I peeked through the tiny holes on the door and watched you stand there. There was no reaction on you as you got smaller and smaller. Where was I going? About an hour later, a bunch of strangers took me out of the trailor. All I saw was many other horses looking worried and scared. All I hear is the screaming of fear and hopelessness. I got caught in the long line. I was waiting for whats going to happen to me. As the amount of horses ahead of me got smaller I started thinking about you. Your laugh, smile and tears. I remembered hearing your stories and worries. I listened to every story you told me and I tried to help you by giving hints on what to do. But then while I was wondering about why I heard horses screaming......
I knew

Tags: Lost
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