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Meant to be

Gabriel Goulart

20 Aug, 2017 04:23 PM

I remember the first time I thought you were pretty. I was walking on school hallways and I saw you in a distance and said to myself "That girl has something different. I like it", but we never talked. Years later a friend of yours started talking to me becauae she liked one of my friends and we got closer. Then there was that birthday party, August 15th. I was a little drunk and so were you. You were sitting alone in a bench and I saw you again and thought "Why not try to talk to her?", That day you told me you stopped seeing the boy you were currently going out with. And so it started, since that day we started to talk and talk, and love grew between us. I'll never forget our first kiss, that was one of the best moments of my life.

And so we started dating. I remember asking you to be my girlfriend while we were drunk and you said yes, but I still wanted to make a decent proposal, so we made that date our secret anniversary. Then came the day I knocked on your door and surprised you with flowers and a poem I've made. And even though I knew you already said yes, I still was too nervous thinking if you would say it again. And you did. I had never felt so happy like i was that day. And so days passed, months and our love grew. Then came the first time you thought we should break up, June 1th. You told me something in your head was telling you our time had come and we shouldn't stay together. I did not sleep that day. On the next day we met and you told me it was a stupid think. That was the first time I cried tears of sadness in front of you, while I hugged you so hard so I knew it wasn't a dream.

Months later you started to apply for a temporary job abroad. I can't say i was very happy, cus I knew distance relationships are hard, but somehow you made me feel like if everything would be fine. I remember you saying you wouldn't make it and when you did, I remember saying "I told you so" cuz I did tell you: "Relax, you will make it. I know it", and you smiled to me. Seeing you smile was the best thing I have ever saw. And making you smile was the best thing I've ever did.

Two months before you go our 1 year anniversary came and you slept in my room for the first time. I remember making you fall asleep as I touched your hair.

A week before you go, I made a surprise to you. We cried together, we hugged and we danced our song. I remember having you so close to my chest that I felt like i was in heaven.

And so the day came and you went to your job. A week later you told me you were tired of being in a relationship and started to become strange. And so the fights started, we started to say things we didn't mean to each other. All those days I asked myself what went wrong, but I still haven't found the answer. And so our lives went apart.

Then you came back and we almost got back together,but I said something wrong and you started hating me. Since that day I started asking myself what would be like if I haven't said that stupid phrase.

Nowadays We don't talk to each other and I know nothing about your life, even though your little brother still talks to me now and then. You were my first love. You are my first heart break. And all I hope is that someday I get to be happy again as I was with you. Thank you for everything.

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