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Nicole's life


22 Mar, 2017 09:54 PM

There was a girl named.. We can just call her Nicole, So when Nicole was 10 Years old her mother and father got cancer. They both died... But they died while hating Nicole. So Nicole only had her brother left, Her brother was the most amazing brother you could have. He always were there for her when she needed somebody, Sadly When Nicole turned 12 she started to get bullied.. She was pretty depressed she had no parents and she didnt have friends either so she didnt know what to do. So she decided to start cutting, Whenever she was in school they told her that she killed her parents and that she wasnt perfect or anything good.

Nicole 13 Years Old
She's still getting bullied but she got stronger, I mean she has her brother who cared about her. At the time Nicole meet this guy on the internet named.. lets call him William, So William and Nicole started talking they became friends and even a couple but that didnt last long they broke up because it was just not right. After that they stayed bestfriends.

Nicole 14 Years Old
Now she got even stronger, happier. Even though everyone hated on her she didnt care she knew that they were just trying to make her sad. Nicole got good grades and she was happy, She got some friends In real life too but they ditched her many times so she didnt count them as friends. Nicole never stopped cutting tho it was like a drug to her.

Nicole 15 Years old
The cutting got worse but Nicole's .. Uhm we can call her brother for Travis, Travis got a surprise for her. He got 2 cats for her, Nicole really loved cats they were so cute. Some months after she meets this guy on the internet... Lets call him.. Nathan, before that day she meet him Nicole tried taking suicide, But there was something telling her to not take suicide! to live because there was something good that would happen. Turns out that was kinda true? I guess, The next day she meets nathan. They started talking on this game, They both liked cats and stuff like that. After some days They fell in love with each other... So Nathan asked her to be his girlfriend, Nicole said yes. So they were with each other for 2 months I think and then Nathan broke up with her, She cried because he didnt have a reason she was getting all these questions In her head, Why? why now? what did I do wrong? Am I not good enough? After some weeks/days they got together again and then he broke up again with her.. everytime he broke up with her she cried, well when they were together again it was her birthday In the morning Nathan said to her Happy birthday And that he loved her.. 2 hours later he sends a message saying I break up, On her birthday. She cried and cried for hours She was soo sad she didnt even know what to do. Her brother came in and asked why she didnt go to school and why she was crying, She said that she got something in her eye and that she wasnt feeling alright, So basically she lied to him. I think Nathan regret what he did so he asked her again...

Nicole 16 years old
Travis got cancer, Nicole was really sad she was even depressed, some months later he dies. She got so lonely so William decided to move in with Nicole to make her happy. Nicole gave Nathan many chances You know but he would always break up, it was like getting stabbed in the heart... But she loved him so she gave him many chances.. Nathan even started to trash talk Nicole even maybe use her.. One day Nicole felt for it. She broke up with Nathan, He got mad and sad like all these times he broke up and she didnt do anything but when she just breaks up 1 time he makes so much drama. But she asked him out again 2 times and the last he asked her out... Only some days go by and he breaks up with her because she told her friends to not talk to Him because she didnt want any friends that had contact with him.. He got mad and told her its all her fault... She cried and cried even William could hear her cry so loud.. She decided to run away and kill herself. She left a note to William saying ''goodbye I'm going to kill myself'' She ran to the place her parents lived in and killed herself.

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Joshler says:
07 May, 2017 01:01 PM

Did she go to her parents old house since they are dead?? I was confused since it said "she went to her parents house and killed herself"

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sarah j clawson says:
18 May, 2017 03:17 PM

@Joshler yes because she felt like she would be happier if she killed herself there

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Nafea says:
28 May, 2017 08:43 AM

she had unfair life , she was depressed so many times that make her suicide :( just a bad life .
I wash can help her in anything even to be her best friend she can count on him ,but it's what it's :(

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