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Nicole's life


22 Mar, 2017 09:54 PM

There was a girl named.. We can just call her Nicole, So when Nicole was 10 Years old her mother and father got cancer. They both died... But they died while hating Nicole. So Nicole only had her brother left, Her brother was the most amazing brother you could have. He always were there for her when she needed somebody, Sadly When Nicole turned 12 she started to get bullied.. She was pretty depressed she had no parents and she didnt have friends either so she didnt know what to do. So she decided to start cutting, Whenever she was in school they told her that she killed her parents and that she wasnt perfect or anything good. Nicole 13 Years Old She's still getting bullied but she got stronger, I mean she has her brother who cared about her. At the time Nicole meet this guy on the internet... [Read More]

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