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02 Sep, 2016 04:32 PM

Never thought I would fall in love with a serial killer. He was my high school sweetheart,My handsome husband, my boo....and my tear in my heart. I'm an idiot for falling in love with him I wish I never spoke to him, or had kids with him or even looked at him. I guess it's because of my bad luck I fell in love with him. I don't exactly feel in love with him no more I just feel so sick.

The day I married him it was amazing I felt like I'm going to die happy and live with hope and happiness forever. Our honey moon was a tropical breeze in the Bahamas it was beautiful and charming. We spent almost ten thousand in it but it so worth it. Almost worth it. We relaxed and had fun.

Two months flew being married it was great. We never fought or argued it was happy. Then he brung up children I was nervous and scared about that type of experience he told me to never think like that. The year later we bring home a healthy Daughter named Elizabeth . After my grandmother. When she turned 1 everything changed. He came home late, he taught argued over dumb idiotic things. Then seconds later he says sorry! I worried a lot about him. I left Elizabeth with my sister one evening. And I herd woman upstairs and loud thumps in the upstairs bedroom. I got scared and thought WHY are there woman in MY house WHY are loud thumps going on in MY bedroom. I ran to my bedrooms and grabbed the two naked woman off my bed and beat the hell out of them. My husband was mad and threw me onto the bed. He yelled at me "OH SO YOU TOO WANT SOME ATTENTION" I screamed he stripped me and forced me into him I was embarrassed the two woman started giggling and took a lot of money from my husband. I thought is this rape am I being used? I cried and cried and told him to get off me. He never did... I woke up one morning he has a suit and tie and was making eggs for Elizabeth and me. I was shaking I thought was I dreaming was I really being husband kissed me goodbye and promised to be here by four.he locked the door and left. And as soon as he left I went to the bathroom crying. I herd Elizabeth talking to me and saying "mommy are you ok?" I said "yeah yeah mommy is just laughing that's all" she left and kept eating. Right after I was about to call the police to press charges on him and have him arrested I her coughing I screamed "ELIZABETH are you ok?!" She coughed Louder I checked to look and her face turned blue I was so so scared the only thing she was eating were eggs! I called 911 they came in only 5 minutes she passed out that point they looked at me in a very devastating look and bring me and her to the hospital.. At four my husband came and was crying too but I couldn't help but see evil in his eyes. The doctor told me she had a tiny amount of poison she probably consumed and quickly questioned us. He asked what she ate and what she was playing with... But I wasn't the one answering the questions my husband was and he made me look like the bad person here that left my daughter chocking. Two days later Elizabeth is fine and is taking medicine to help her stomach digest normally again. But my family and friends are telling me be more RESPONSIBLE be more CAREFUL look after your DAUGHTERS and that one message from my mom said I'm going to talk about child custody if one more accident goes around there. It wasn't my fault she is still young and doesn't understand things yet. I want a normal family..I left my daughter at my friends house this time to go run some chores at the house. My husband was home and started crying and he hugged me. He got fired. He pushed me to the ground and said ITS YOUR FAULT THE HOSPITAL INCIDENT MADE ME LEAVE WORK AND I GOT LATE!... But the thing is he came back at four and he said he'll come back at four it doesn't make sense. He made me cry I pleaded him to stop yelling at me because I was still in the floor. He slapped me and punched me and kicked me.. Then he forced himself on me again...I passed out. My friend came knocking on the door I was still in the living room. My husband came to check who it was. I passed out again. I herd a loud scream from the basement. I thought ELIZABETH she was in a black car similar to my friends car I took her out and yelled my friends name. My husband came out and said she's using my car she'll be back. He lied. His car was at the dealership because he sold it. I needed my phone I NEEDED TO CALL 911. I didn't find it I remember it dropped when my husband pushed me. I told Elizabeth to stay in the neighbors door steps until I find my phone I saw her at the door so I sneakily went into my home without a noise. My husband was cooking he has such red hands and baggy eyes like he never slepped before.I Took my phone he looked and me and said well we're Elizabeth. I did t reply he yelled the question again "WHERES ELIZABETH?" I screamed back NONE YOUR DAMN BUISNESS! He came and took my hair and slammed me into the glass table in the living room. "Now I'm gonna make some pasta and turkey with some nice gravy, you know your friends is a really nice person she is just like you she has nice long brown hair with the perfect smile you have...the difference between you too is that you like to pass out and she stares at me and screams for help... But you too know no one is going to belive you, look at you, talk to you, or be respectful to you I let her downstairs she having a nice rested nap right now so don't disturb her" he laughed I took my phone and stuffed it into my pocket. I'm was shaking I ran like I never ran before I and made it out the house alive I grabbed Elizabeth and got into the black car. He chased me few seconds later I noticed the house caught on fire because he was never paying attention to the food...I went to a hotel and took out lots of money in case of emergencies I hugged Elizabeth and I quickly called 911,I told them everything and I mean everything! He got arrested I lived with my sister and I'm pregnant with his child I haven't noticed till now my parents are telling me to get an abortion because I never wanted another one with him. But I consider that murder and I don't want to be like my husband. I found out the red stuff on my husbands hands weren't pasta sauce but my friends blood she wasn't taking a nap she died because she was stabbed 76 times by him. I'm having a boy his name is going to be Nathan because my sisters husband is Nathan so yeah,they are going to adopt him since my sister can't have childeren in giving one of mine to her. I love him he is my little munchkin baby. He was born premature because of my injuries. I love him very much Elizabeth is turning 4 next month she is a wonderful child. And I hope she lives a happy life.

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Angel says:
10 Oct, 2016 05:45 PM

Omg that wow I'm so sorry that basted needs to die be strong

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