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My Friend


30 Aug, 2010 02:21 AM

I Have a story I wish to tell from a friend's perspective.

It was a normal day, clear, sky, blue. I walked to school, and I stumbled on this pretty girl. I Look at her, she looks back. We smile, and she waves. This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship. At lunch, I saw her sitting at a table alone. I decided to go and accompany her. She seems to appreciate me coming to sit with her. We talked and talked, and told me how her mother recently died in a car accident. I Tell her that I felt sorry and that nobody needs to die this way. I Tell her she isn't really gone. She seems to cheer up a small bit.

The next day, I go to school again, and finally get the nerve to ask her out. She accepts. I Impatiently watch the clock as it strikes 3:15 PM. The bell rings and the school is dismissed. I immediately rush out to greet her. She say "lets go" and we went to a nice restaurant. We dine, and share personal experiences with one another. When we finalize our date, we kiss, and say goodbye.

The next day goes by, so fast. We even skip class to just be together. We enjoy it one way or the other. Then, my girlfriend gestures to me she wants to admit something. She wants to leave me for another guy. I ask why? She only says that we cannot be together anymore. My heart is ripped to pieces.

Time goes on, and on, and on. Days go past slowly as my heart sinks in the quicksand of loneliness. I try to contact her to just stay friends, but all of my e-mails, phone calls, and text messages are just ignored like garbage. Her new boyfriend finally answers a call. He tells me to ******* stop calling here and hangs up. The girl has left a gash in my heart that will never heal.

A couple years later, They get married. To me, this felt as if someone drove a stake into my throat. I couldn't take the pain no longer. I went to her house, leaving a note on her door stating:

"Here I say, I will be no longer. You had the only chance of a life time to redeem your self to I, and now the chance has passed. I will end my helpless life, as it means nothing to you. Farewell, Goodbye." And that was it.

I taped the note to her door, rang the doorbell once, and left as quickly as I had arrived. She opened the door, and saw the notice. She muttered to herself that I wouldn't perform such an act, tore the note up, and went back inside.

I went back again, this time with a knife. I slit my wrist open and let the red liquid fountain onto her porch. I left again, to never be seen again. I go home, and slice my belly open, so easily as a warm knife through butter. The scorching pain flew through my entire body. I rip the knife up, into my heart. I go dizzy. The pain seems to fade away with my life. The everything goes black.

I am now a spirit. I wait, and watch as my neighbor comes to my door to talk to me. She knocks three times, and looks through my window. She screamed and called her Husband to call 911. My body is taken away for burial ten minutes later. I drift on over to my old girlfriend's house. She seems at peace. I watch her speak to her husband about the suicide note I left for her. She said that "He only wants sympathy." I wait there for the whole day and night for the news broadcast about the incident the day before.

She and her Husband walk downstairs and flick on the TV. They switch to the news channel. The first story they saw was about me.

This story was written in the perspective of my best friend, who this story occurred to. I was devastated when I heard about this. I cry when ever I think of this.

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madhiya says:
01 Sep, 2010 08:58 AM

oh ma god tat is so sad

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Julie says:
01 Sep, 2010 12:50 PM

Oh my gosh that's so sad. Love is a powerful thing, isn't it?

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DaniGG says:
21 Jul, 2014 11:29 AM

Love??? I don't think this is love. Killing oneself doesn't necessarily mean you love someone, Come on!!

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