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My Friend


30 Aug, 2010 02:21 AM

I Have a story I wish to tell from a friend's perspective. It was a normal day, clear, sky, blue. I walked to school, and I stumbled on this pretty girl. I Look at her, she looks back. We smile, and she waves. This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship. At lunch, I saw her sitting at a table alone. I decided to go and accompany her. She seems to appreciate me coming to sit with her. We talked and talked, and told me how her mother recently died in a car accident. I Tell her that I felt sorry and that nobody needs to die this way. I Tell her she isn't really gone. She seems to cheer up a small bit. The next day, I go to school again, and finally get the nerve to ask her out. She accepts. I Impatiently watch the clock as it... [Read More]

Tags: Sad, Love, Marriage, Breakup, Death, Devastation
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