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What should i DO?


11 Aug, 2010 09:24 PM

Did you guyz ever loved someone? someone you cannot afford to lose?
anyway, I just wanna share my story.. I guess in this way I can ease the pain..
Please give me any advice you would have in your mind after reading this...

This is my STORY..
I was 13 and so as she is, but now we're both 17.
when the first time I met her, I never thought of falling in love, maybe because I never tried loving someone,.. And as time goes by my feelings begin to grow and grow and grow more. And majority of my classmates knows what I feel for her, That's why they helped me when I courted her.. Fortunately she answered YES and we became girlfriends and boyfriends.. Unfortunately it only lasted for 6 months.. I can still remember those moments.
but in just a wink of an eye.. you would then realize that it was just like a dream..

Unfortunately we broke up because of her parents.
And when we broke up.. She made a promise.. she said that
and I've been stupid for believing those words..
I never did think of moving on, because of what she said. After that break up, we never talked.. because of people making issues about us. thinking that those issues might reach their parents.

because of that promise she made.. I waited for like 2 years.. and during those days.. I never loved anyone else.. Those times I focused on several things like.. studies, computer, sports. those were the things that keeps me busy..
and I guess, while I was waiting... I think she doesn't know it.

One year later since the day we broke up, I always hear some issues about her, issues like "She likes him", "She has a new boyfriend" and etc..
and those were the issues I never believed.. as times go by I still often hear those issues..

Until one day...
MY best friend told me that it was real.. She already loved someone else.. and I felt like Shocked and I paused for a few seconds to think of something to say.. then I said.

"I already KNOW it.. Oh come on! I'm always updated" I let my best friend feel that I'm ok.
I said those words so that nobody would know that it does hurts me..

I mean, you know how it feels like to wait for nothing right? and 2 years is really a long time to wait. T_T

After the graduation day, She sent me a message through cellphone, she said "SORRY"

and I said, "Nah, its ok.. I understand"

it really took a lot of tears just to ease the pain every single night,

I never think of moving on, because of the promise I made when I let her go..

and after a year of their relationship, she once again sent me a message, she said she wanted to be my friend, A close friend.
and I did agree to her. and so we became more closer to each other, and because of my stupidity I started loving her, because I really missed her,, and I started making plans for both of us, plans that would only happen in my dreams. Because after 3 months of texting with her, she said that, she will stay away from me, for her not to be scolded by her EX boyfriend and for her not to suffer anymore problems.
She said she loved me,
but she said that she felt mercy for her ex.
she sad I was the one who made her realize that she doesn't love her ex. but she can't even give a chance for us... she said that she's afraid of what might her ex do to her, and what might her ex do to his life..

I said everything I could just to have her back,.. but she thinks that its better if I'm away..
away from her...

it really tears me apart remembering those times,
Times that I can say that LOVE IS ON THE AIR..
but now.. nothing is left, but memories.

Thx for reading... You might find the story difficult to understand.. but I hope in anyway you do understand how it feels.. T__T
and my question is.. "THE BEST THING TO DO IS?"
should I move on?
or should I wait once again?
please help me.. I'm so confused on what to do...

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wa a na ta says:
18 Aug, 2010 10:04 PM

i love the story.. can i print it?

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Hazel Diane says:
19 Aug, 2010 04:18 AM

Only I can say...MOVE ON...pls...try to help urself....start moving on and also pray,,,

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rahul prince says:
19 Aug, 2010 08:44 AM

move on my dear friend.... my story also is almost the waited for just two years...but i waited for four years...

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aevii says:
19 Aug, 2010 09:22 AM

:( this situation is the same as mine .. BUT i don't have nothing to do since I can not love the first man ...
i am & a girl , & our minds do change .. we may say words before .. but those words will also fade . same as you guys .. but for the author who wrote this , PLEASE ? TRY TO MOVE ON ! YOU ARE JUST MAKING YOURSELF A PUPPY , STARING AT THE BONE EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T HAVE :( PLEASE HAVE PITY ONTO YOURSELF :( try to love another girl who is more deserving for that love you have for that stupid girl . OPEN YOUR EYES & MIND :)

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dolores says:
19 Aug, 2010 01:07 PM

ok well i am going to tell you that you need to move on and help yourself have a better life you have only one life and you will find someone else i promise yu will and you need to keep your head healed high and never give up your life there are millions of girls out there and you just need to move on. i know hearing those words are kinda hard and pianfull but its true you need to let go.

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Lexxy says:
20 Aug, 2010 01:54 AM

I know how you feel. Try to move on, I know it's going to be very hard but try for sake. She wasn't you missing rib. What I mean by that is, God made Adam but needed someone for Adam so God took one of Adam ribs and made Eve. So there maybe she wasn't you 'Missing Rib'. And if you need anymore help or advice or just need to talk in General E-Mail me at :nRobotaccount87@yahoo.comnxNerdyNinja@Aim.comnKay ?nByeenxoxoxnLexxy(:

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Mannimrat says:
21 Aug, 2010 03:29 AM

Move on my friend!God bless you with all the happiness of world.

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frances caryl magallanes says:
21 Aug, 2010 06:22 PM

well,all i can say is i love the story and i think that you should really move on..

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Moiz says:
23 Aug, 2010 06:59 AM

Well dude our story is almost the same ...... N now i dont giv her a damn !!! Its tough but try to just forget her .... Concentrate on ur future n just MOVE ON ...

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KatieBrinx.. ^_^ says:
23 Aug, 2010 09:46 PM

Hey... I understand you case.. its not an easy thing.. but u have to move on.. when she decided to stay as friends with you.. or away from you.. You've got to move on.. and when you really over her... you'll know that u can love once again.. its not that you're broken heart and you'd never love again... you must consider this as one of your lessons in this life time...

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Yrrehc says:
29 Aug, 2010 03:01 AM

The best thing y0u can d0 f0r urself is t0 m0ve on. Yes, m0ve on and live ur life as if n0thing happens. Time heals all w0unds. Just f0rgive and 4get then g0 on with ur life...

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sanika says:
31 Aug, 2010 04:44 AM

You should really wait. true love doesnt happen again and again in life, and it is very hard to find. its obvious shes inclined to you. i know her situation cos i've been thru one. she loves you, but can't leave her bf bc he loves her. she is torn between the two. its your job to make her realise tha tyour love for her is such of a greater for it! get her :)

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