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First Love... Devastating Outcome.

Anonymous Thoughts.

31 Jan, 2013 12:15 AM

Picture this.. Two young kids in elementary school, one boy and one girl. Both age of 7, after knowing each other for 6 years. They've made it to middle school in the grade of 8th. They finally seem to tell each other their feelings for each other and it's official that they are a couple. They say, "A relationship is a friendship set on fire." That was Charlie and Sammie. He was most definitely everything to her. They started out so amazing, but there is always someone who tries there very best to ruin the relationship. To give this meaning a twist this person who ruins their relationship was in fact Sammie's very own BEST friend Holly. Scandalous, right?! To resume back to the story, Holly is the conflict. The months went by and the relationship was going great, considering it's their friendship Sammie & Charlie put on the line.

They started their relationship on December 23, 2010. He wrote her a songs, 40 to be exact. They would talk on the phone countless hours, they'd even fall asleep on the phone. Usually, Sammie would lose connection and the phone call would hang up during the middle of the night they were sleeping. One morning, she woke up and the phone call was still active. She talked into the other side and she could hear her boyfriend sleeping still, and so she said his name over and over again. Telling him to wake up, and he soon did after five minutes. He said, "hello?" She told him, good morning and that she loved him. To know someone six years, you know the qualities of their individuality. For Sammie to say she loved him was appropriate. In the middle of January they had their first argument and that led Charlie to cheat on her. For what reason? His anger got the best of him. Did he intend too? No. Deep down.. He loves her more than words will ever say. She was so heartbroken, trying to rekindle why they argued in the first place.

They soon ended up back together two weeks later. He apologized for his actions, and vowed it would never happen in their future. He wrote her a song, a poem, said he loved her countless times just so she can say "yes" to him. One day, she spent her day with her best chick and they spent that day at the mall. Going through every store, trying on every clothing, taking millions of pictures. They ran into this Valentines Day store and Sammie started picking things out for her boyfriend. As for Holly, she convinced Sammie for them to be Valentines and not Sammie And Charlie. Sammie didn't know how she convinced her so well? Well Charlie was fine with it because he knew she was trying to have new friends but he still was going to claim her as his girlfriend and his Valentine. She knows he loves her and is going to get her something, so on last minute she wrote Charlie a six page long letter and it was every detail of why she loved him and why she would never want to lose him, their memories, and more meaningful words. On Valentines Day, Sammie had bought Holly a giant teddy bear, HUGE card, roses, and some chocolate. Holly was suppose to buy Sammie the same thing, considering they did plan it together. Holly showed up with nothing. Her excuse was that she had no money. Sammie understood, but was also mad because she could have bought her boyfriend something instead of writing a note, but she felt better knowing he would like something he could keep forever then something thrown away. Sammie realized Holly had lied to her because Sammie seen shoes Holly had never had or has ever wore, and they weren't dirty but perfectly new, and spotless. A week later, Sammie pretended she had just seen the shoes and asked Holly when she got them, and Holly said, "last week" Sammie let it go and thought it was no reason to lose a friend. Its the Summer now, and Sammie wants a romantic summer with her boyfriend Charlie. As they do, there was barely arguments, barely boring moments. Just fun and perfect. During the month of December, it is what you can honestly say was the best month they ever had. They made ONE YEAR on December 23, 2011. Also on December 17th, they made love for the first time. He was her first kiss, her first year, her first love, and her first. She was his first kiss, his first year, his first love, and his first. It was compatibly perfect. They were perfect.

Its March 2012, and Holly and Sammie are forever arguing over nonsense stuff. Holly complains Sammie spends too much time with Charlie. Sammie blows up on Holly saying, "What do you expect?! I've known him longer than you, I've known him longer than anyone. He is MY boyfriend, and I am HIS girlfriend. What's the issue with that? Can't you be happy with me? I'm happy with you. I don't judge you, I don't disagree with you, I treat you like a best friend should be treated, but you're something else. I put up with your bullshit because I love you and you are my friend. I'm always here for you. Just stop trying to pick arguments with me? I'm done with this, if you are too. If you aren't then we aren't meant to be friends." Holly responded and told Sammie she was sorry for her words. Sammie later went home and holly came over. Sammie was in the middle of texting Charlie back and telling him she was arguing with Holly, and that it doesn't matter because they resolved it and that she loves Holly. It was around midnight, and Sammie had fallen asleep. Sammie had her phone charging and Holly who was still up, also still angered with Sammie. Grabbed her phone and texted Charlie, "Hey. Just thought I'd let you know. I've been drinking, not much but soon I will and I'm going to cheat on you. Why, you ask? Because I'm tired of being with you. Lol and I don't love you. Haahaha, dueces baby." Sammie wakes up to Holly gone, and a message saying: "Fuck you, Sammie. How could you be so cruel? We've been together for a year and a half.. Why are you tired of me? I've been treating you well. I know I cheated, but I didn't mean to and you know that. I love you. Obviously you don't care.. I can't believe this. Don't ever talk to me again." Sammie cried.. She asked Holly why she did that to her.. Holly put her middle finger up and walked away. Sammie had no friends. Everyone thought she had really cheated on Charlie. She tried to prove it was Holly, but no one listened. Holly had moved and Sammie hasn't seen her since, but Sammie will and Sammie will hurt her, the way Holly hurted her, but it won't be emotionally. It will be physical.

During the summer of 2012, Sammie tried to be with Charlie over and over again, she tried to explain.. He wouldn't listen to her. Its January 30, 2013. Sammie is without Charlie. Charlie won't talk to Sammie. Simply because he can't forgive her and he hates her. Sammie accepted the fact that he hated her and never wanted to talk to her again. Charlie has a girlfriend now and they've been together for 4 months. Sammie has no boyfriend, but four REAL friends. That won't treat her like Holly did. She has vowed to not be as close with a friend as she was with Charlie until she is over with him and when she is for sure ready for a "Friendship to be set on fire" once again. This story is true, the names are different then the real names. Why? Because I am Anonymous. My name will be until I am older. But I can tell you. The character 'Sammie' is me. Just not the name. I am not full on depressed, but that memory hurts more then anything. I dont think about it, because my future is more important. Forget the past and don't return. That's all I have to say. Because Life is to short for sadness. The end.

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Elizabeth Henson says:
11 May, 2013 06:20 PM

this is so sad :(

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Jennifer says:
11 May, 2013 08:50 PM

i feel sorry for you hope you find somebody better than him

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Empty void says:
14 May, 2013 03:29 AM

I loved that story makes me wanna cry i love them both holly was so cruel.

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Nina Delgado says:
14 May, 2013 08:46 AM

she said that her future was more important

I understand what you feel

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Felicia Morgan says:
17 May, 2013 03:00 PM

beat the crap outta that skank......i would have the first time she messed up. lol i tried so hard not to swear in there

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Kadiye says:
19 May, 2013 12:44 AM

Hey! Dude, u copied my life history... I once thought am dat sammie.... I had started my relationship october 9th, 2009... I had my first kiz on 22nd nd 23rd of december 2011, i broke up with her on septemba 2012.... She started sum relationship on 22nd january 2013 and her r/ship z 4 months old... Dude, u copy pasted diz real story 4 ma hat.. I cant biliv diz z coincidence... We cn tolk more abot diz,, daz my email... C u soon

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Minnie says:
20 May, 2013 09:15 PM

Listen Anonymous, i am so utterly empathetic towards your story! I am guessing that you are probably a sophomore going on a junior in high school but i am not sure. I myself am a freshman and i totally understand what you are talking about. Life as a teen is really tough and sometimes you just wanna give up and end it all but i admire that you kept on going and that you are probably still fighting everyday. This Holly figure, How dare she ruin a relationship that wasn't hers to begin with! And Charlie should not be such a chick! If he were a real man then he would hear you out. He still loves you! Why else would he act like such a girl?

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lovetears says:
22 May, 2013 04:43 PM

So sad

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chalia says:
09 Sep, 2013 02:16 AM

how could he cheat on you if you were his first kiss and everything

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