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Name: Empty void
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About Me: I describe myself a clown happy outside but I cry inside, I have an empty void hoping to be filled but never have. Have never experienced true love before and I always feel lonely [url=http://dragcave.net/view/6CeXO][img]http://dragcave.net/image/6CeXO.gif[/img][/url] I like the mythical beasts called dragons help me by clicking on it thankyou!!
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Hey Susan you tried to get close to him you did your best I'd be sad too. Quite emotionally This is a sad day i wish you all the happiness i can give
I loved that story makes me wanna cry i love them both holly was so cruel.
Please just please never give up!!!
I want to be your friend! I want to help people that is one of my goals. My life is similar to yours except my parents are still with me my dad also has a serious problem.
I feel how you feel I have similar disabilities like you but I am shy to talk about it I don't have a girlfriend though i wish i had one


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