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10 Oct, 2012 03:55 PM

The girl had a deadly tumor and the doctors told her that she was going to die, but there was still hope she could do a special surgery and survive. If she decided to do it, she would lose her memory forever. When she told her best friend, he told her that he would talk to the doctors so they could plan the surgery. She stopped him, and pulled him to her side.

Girl: I'm not going to do the surgery. (he looked at her shocked)
boy: you have to be joking, you'll die!
Girl: its better than forgetting everything I've lived with you.
Boy: you don't understand, I can't lose you.....I LOVE YOU!
(she had tears in her eye's)
Girl: you love me?
Boy: yes!
Girl:why didn't you ever tell me?
Boy: I was afraid you wouldn't feel the same....
Girl: but the thing is.... I do feel the same....
Boy: you do??
Girl: yes!! I love you!!
Boy: then please, do the surgery, even if you lose your memory.
Girl: you need to understand me, I don't want to wake up and now know who you are....I'd rather die than forget about you!
Boy: but I will always be here.
Girl: do you promise you'll stay with me no matter what?
Boy: I swear...
(he bent down and kissed her, when the doctor's came to take the girl into surgery the boy put him ring on her finger.)
Boy: take this, so I can be with you during the surgery.
(he kissed her gently on the lip's)
boy: I'll be here when you come out.
Girl: I love you!
boy: I love you to!
(the doctor's took her away the boy waited while they were done with the surgery. When the doctor's took the girl to her room, the boy stayed with her all night.....she woke up.....
boy: you woke up! I'm so glad you are Ok!
(the girl looked at him with curiosity)
Girl: who are you??
Boy: it's me your best friend.
Girl: I'm sorry, I don't know who you are, where is the doctor?
(he stared at her)
boy: you seriously don't remember anything about me?
Girl: no I don't, so please leave.
boy: but what happened to our love? I thought you would remember at least that.
Girl: our love?
Boy: yes! I love you and you love me.
Girl: no, I don't... I don't even know who you are, I don't even know who I am, so please GET OUT NOW!
Boy: but...
Girl: NURSE!
(the boy was kicked out of the hospital...he tried calling the girl afterwards but she didn't pick up
four months later the girl went back to school. One day the boy was walking down the street and saw the girl with another guy....he was heartbroken and just when he was about to look away he noticed the girls necklace....the ring he gave her the day of the surgery was hanging on her neck...
tears came to the boy's eye's.
Boy: she remember's me?
(he was going to go to her, he called her, and the girl looked at him..... she turned back around and kept walking)
Boy: I guess not.
(disappointed he said to himself)
boy: I loved you, but I don't belong in your life or world anymore....
(he took one last look at her and walked away form her...... FOREVER........ :,(

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shane says:
09 Jan, 2013 03:27 AM

what a nice love-story ,i salute you boy for being understanding,maybe God has his reason why that happened to you! you have to be proud of your yourself,,,,, you save her life. I'm sure where ever her old self is , she's happy that she met a good friend and boyfriend in you...i believe she maybe forget you....but i know deep in her heart your still there.... co'z shes still wearing the ring that you gave to her.....i hope you find someone that will love you as you do....God bless you!

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prince says:
10 Jan, 2013 04:50 PM

realy heart touching.. Brought tears..

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Shanai says:
28 Feb, 2013 08:33 AM

That is very sad :(

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